turkish food


mashed vegetables mixed wt garlic,paprika,olive oil and lemon juice ,hot pepper paste.


ground chick peas and tahini paste seasoned wt olive oil,tomatoes,pickles parsley.

baked or cold rice pudding,kemalpasa

sigara boregi

phyllo dough stuffed wt feta cheese and parsley fried until golden brown.


marinated turkish meatballs wt turkish spices grilled to perfection served wt rice pilaf and red onions wt sumac.

vegetable casserole

mixed and sautéed vegetables cooked in earthenware in a tomato sauce served wt rice pilaf.

beef casserole(etli guvec)

marinated ribeye wt turkish spices,potatoes,onions,peppers,tomatoes,cooked in earthenware ,served wt rice pilaf.

eggplant salad(patlican salatasi)

grilled eggplant wt peppers,parsley,tomatoes,onions,olive oil,lemon juice and garlic.


zucchini tossed wt eggs,flour,potatoes,parsley,scallions and mint pan fried comes wt home made garlic yogurt sauce.

stuffed zucchini

zucchini stuffed with rice and hamburger ,tomatoes,onions,baked in the oven.served wt home made garlic yogurt .


dried and fried eggplant with hamburger ,onions,peppers,tomatoes baked in the oven.served wt rice pilaf.

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